Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Lynda

We Love you all the way from Round Rock!
Bobby, Tiff, Kodi Lynn, & Degan!

Happy birthday mom, i cant wait to see you back in texas. i love you so much and miss you already, well hope you have a good birthday. love Zoe

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Happy Fourth of July!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Happy Birthday Nan!}

Happ Birth bae Nan I srre I cubit staey for your birthday Love Kodi Dear Kodi, thank you soooo much! I sure wish we could stay together for my birthday too. I love you and I love that you wrote me a note all by yourself. You are a GOOD girl, Kodi. THANK YOU #9 FOR BEING SO GREAT!!! (I yelled that last part).

Dear Nan, Happy Birthday. You are so nice. I love it when we do scripture study. Me toooo!!! You love the scriptures as much as I do. That's alot! You let me do a lot of stuff that my mom does not let me do. That's what I'm here for. Wile we are in Texas tell Chase and Garrett that I love them. I will tell them when I see those silly boys. Happy Birthday Love Kaidee. I love you. Thank you Kaidee, I love you sooooo much too! AND I MISS YOU TOO! (I yelled that part too).

Mom, I wish I was there with you to celebrate your birthday It's so weird with everyone gone. but since I can't I thought that a letter would be the next best thing. You know I LOVE letters. I am thankful that my children have such a wonderful Nan. They love you so much. I am grateful for your example to me and our family. I love that anytime I need help with a talk or a lesson you are so willing to help I LOVE churchy questions!!! and you have such wonderful ideas. I enjoy sitting on the back patio talking and sitting by the fire. I just came in from the patio (minus the fire). I love you more than I love blogging and thats a lot :) That IS alot, thanks. Thank you so much for always being there and always asking me if I need anything. It's a huge comfort knowing you are so close. Happy Birthday, Love Letti. Thanks so much Letti, I've always been a beginner mother with you, Thanks for your patience with me. Love you, like you!

Dear Nan, You are the best Gradma ever I wish I could be out there to sealabraet with you. You are the cutest grandma ever I wish that I could play with you. You are the funest person (I really do like to laugh with you!) to play with. I wish (I wish, I wish, I wish), I could live in California with you. You shold get a trofy for being the best person ever. Happy Birthday to you love #8 Carys Hey let's you and I a start a trofy club. We could plan and do things that will earn us a trofy from Heavenly Father. His trofy and prize is the BEST EVER!!! And we could laugh a lot. Heavenly Father likes it when we have joy! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU #8 (Yelling). THANKS FOR THE SPECIAL LETTER!

Dear Nan, I remember the things that we do like on wensday going to go get a shake (Let's make it a mid-week 'brown-topper' when you start back to school) or spend the night at your house while watching the Lakers game together (I'm watching a show about the Lakers tonight, the NBA draft) and having a great time together (with you making your special drinks, yum!). I hope you have a great birthday but sorry that I can not be there se you in California on July 9th (I wish July 9th would hurry up). Love,#5/Chloe Thank you #5! BTW, what is AofF #5? I love you and miss you Chloe. THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD LITTLE SYDNEY!!!

Dear Mother, When I grow up I want to be just like you only better!!! :) Sis Short and to the POINT! Well Sis, as you have grown up with me and watched me, I really hope you have learned lot's of good things to do and lot's of things to never do (hurray for repentence and the atonement, that's the most important thing I hope you have learned from churchy me). I heart you so much! And miss you (sniff)!

Dear Nan, I love going to California with you cause I love the funny moments (ME TOOOO!) and making smores (do they have s'mores in Texas?) and so I wish you lived out here. Someday! Love Zoe Love you, my brave, good girl #4!!!

Dear Nan, Happy Birthday and I wish that rather you lived out here or we lived down there. Did you know that I am going to be out there July 27? Oh yes, I do know that! I. Can't. Wait!!! We will hike a mountain to a waterfall, we will go to the beach, and we will make goodies together, but most important we will LAUGH A LOT together. I can't wait. Love Livee.

Whats nans favorite color? Green
Degan green
Miles red
Cole green
Rowdy green
Grayson pink

Whats nans favorite food? Anything potatoes
D pineapple
M scrambled eggs
C bananas
R green beans
G bananas

What is nans favorite thing to do? TO LAUGH!!!! I dearly love to do that!
D let us come over and laugh together
M go to the beach and laugh as the waves crash on us
C cleaning the house Cole let's clean together and see if we laugh
R clean up Rowdy, see my response to Cole
G read Oh I love to read too, but it's not my #1 favorite thing in the whole world to do

What do you love most about nan?
D playing with toys at nans Jack's WARS!
M going to nans and letti's house our backdoor opens easier now
C she lets me play no work, just play : )
R I like to hug her Oh Rowdy, what a coincidence, I like to hug you too!
G when she comes over to my house in Round Rock, Texas!

How old in Nan? 54
D 6 x 9
M 23 you would be right Miles, if the question was: what is Nan's favorite number?
C 17 +(Cole's age x Kaidee's age) - Rowdy's age
R 17 Hey Rowdy, did you think that Letti asked what GC # Elliot was? Because you are right!
G 20 Gray, your answer is correct if the question was: how old was Nan when Uncle Bobby was born?

Who are nans kids? Aunt Letti, Aunt Lynda, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Tad, Uncle Cody, Aunt Sydney (and Uncle Thomas)
D Degan and Kodi lynn Yes!
M Letti, Mommy, Iya Yes!
C sydney Yes!
R she never told me her kids names I will tell you who they are when I see you next.
G Chase, Garrett Yes, especially right now!

What does nan like to watch on TV? The Lakers and American Idol
D the wakers : ) : ) : ) : ) : )
M golf : /
C ice age : ) : )
R james martin Not sure if I like to watch him or not, Do you Rowdy?
G sports Lakers yes, the other sports... the end of the game only.

How much does nan love you? To the moon and back (except for Paigee, I love her to the boon and mack), To infinity and beyond, and FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!(and infinity more exclamation marks)!!!!!
D to 199 Wow, that's a lot!
M 23 Miles you are so good at remembering my favorite number!
C the most True!
R 100 miles I do love Miles a lot, 100 Miles would be a lot of love!
G the whole entire world See Moses 1:33, 35.

Who is nans favorite team? The Lakers and any team my 'great' grands are on!!!
D the wakers
M grounder pounders
C the lakers
R the lakers
G grounder pounders

Which kid does nan love the most? #s 1 - 17!!!
D me and kodi lynn and all the other kids Yep!
M miles Yes!
C degan True, and you too, Cole!
R rowdy Correct!
G grayson How'd you know?!

Do you know a secret about nan? Shhh... don't tell Pops!
D she sneaks in her house
M nan loves bouncy balls
C plays hide and seek
R i know how she does the nan wave
G watches tv if the Lakers or Idol is on, or Pops has called me, "kath, you gotta see this"

If nan were an animal what would she be?
D a tiger with blue eyes of course, because I would be a good autobot tiger.
M a penguin cause the guy penguins do all the hard stuff.
C a bird a red-tailed hawk bird to be exact.
R a girl lion wait, don't they do all the work? See Miles animal.
G a baby elephant So cute, a little bit wrinkly, no dieting. : )

Happy Birthday love Craig Another short and sweet note, thanks Craig. Even though you turned me down, many years ago (when I asked you to be my son-in-law), everything worked out so great, and I'm your MIL anyway : ) And congratulations to Dallas, they had to go through the Champions to be the the champions, and I'm happy for all of you! Love y'all!

Dear Nan, I love you and like you....always have (in a very churchy way, I really believe this), always will (Oooh I will be using your new phrase, love it)! I can't tell you how much it has meant to me over the past ten years to have you as a mother in law and friend! Ever since I've been a "girlfriend-in-law" you've taught me so much about growing up and being a great wife and mother and I'm so grateful You are very kind, but you came that way. My part was to make sure you married Tad before you found out too much about him. ; ) Thank you for marrying my son, he is better for it!!!! You've been there for me at three in the morning when I bring home a newborn baby and you've been there with me to watch cheesy, heartbreaking teeny-bopper (Young Adult) movies that make us cry! (The Last Song) Having you in my life as a mother and grandmother to my sweet kids means the world to me....I know I don't tell you nearly enough, but I LOVE YOU and LIKE YOU...always have, always will! Happy happy birthday Nan xoxox Iya Oh Iya, thank you, thank you, ILOVEYOUANDLIKEYOUALWAYSHAVEALWAYSWILL!!!

Nan, Thank you for being a great Mother-in-law! You are a great influence in our lives. My kids are so lucky to have you as their Nan. Thank you for being so fun, happy, and churchy. XOXO, Tiffany Thanks Tiff (neenee). I want to be fun, I am very happy and very churchy, and I'm working to make them all fit together! Thankful for you, Bobby's wife, my friend. Heart. You.

Mom, It's been 31 years since you were this skinny Thanks for noticing!!! . I love that you're still fun even though your getting up there I knooow, I probably only have a few years of fun left in me.. I think you did an excellent job raising me and you me., and the others. I love the way you play with your kids kids and the way they speak so highly of you. You know what they say; the first 40 years of parenthood are the most difficult. You are my favorite mom by far and you my favorite Cody. I love you and like you too. Happy 54, Love Cody Thanks son, LYLY2!

I love how Nan laughs all the time and the way she helps me out when I don't understand some of the scriptures i'm studying If you only knew how much I LOVE those churchy phone calls, your mom, aunts and uncles know how crazy happy it makes me. . Love Paige Heart your EFY guts!

Nan , I am thankful I ended up in your family. Thanks for always being so fun and kind and creative and silly and churchy (Please use this word a lot at my funeral : )) and loveable and buff. You are awesome Nan. We are all so lucky (thanks, maybe this is because you are part of me, LUCKY WOMAN, there she goes, she is the LUCKIEST woman in the world!) to be part of your posse. Happy Birthday. You are timeless (hoping for Eternal). Love Celeste. Love you 'leste!!!

Mom, Happy Birthday...and I LYG!!!!
Thanks so much for all you do for me, I don't know where I would be without you!! I really do consider you one of my best friends! I know that know (no) matter what you will always be there and I can always turn to you! Now that I am away I miss you like crazy and I really cherish the time we get to spend together!! I lOVE to laugh with you..we are SO funny (favorite line) !! haha Hope you have the BEST Birthday ever! Yes it is, thanks!

LYG HYH MPH DYB OBWWCISM!! Please, please BMW!!!
Love ya, Syd Love ya too Syd, what about my *special 'mom lectures'??!!???

Thanks family!!! I smiled, laughed and cried while reading your messages. I am in such a good mood (except for the missing you part)!!!
I love to laugh, I love the Lakers, I love to study churchy things, I love the Temple, I love double-stuff oreos.....
*special churchy, mom lecture (since you are all paying attention)... Let's all do Mosiah 2:41 (so we will all live HAPPILY EVER AFTER) !!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello From Utah everyone!!

Well Utah has been SO good so far!! I am loving being back up here with all of my friends!! I think it has snowed more in Texas than it has in Utah though.. but don't worry I am NOT complaining at all!! Well as most of you know steve and i did end things, but it is for the best! but i am happy and looking forward to dating and moving on!!! Last night i actually got to go up to Salt Lake and go hang out with Colton Lambert!! it was crazing seeing him again and i also got to see Cacia! they are both doing so well!! I've also got to see Lenzie and Chelsea, my old roommates boy have i missed them!! well things here are going great so far, i am excited for this time in my life to learn, grow, and to just have fun!!
Well Family I love you all SO much!!

Ps. See you all in March!! Oh and don't you just love my TIE ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girly Girls

Last weekend the little girls had fun in the dressing room while the mom's tried on clothes
They all took turns posing and using the camera

She's ready for her close up

She's ready for the cat walk

These two changed scarf es, purses and headbands a few times before posing for the camera

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years 2011!!

Hey Family!!

Well as you all know I got to go on a last minute CRUISE to Ensenada Mexico!! It was SO much fun!! I can't wait to go on another cruise!!
We got on the boat Friday (new Years eve) afternoon and were SO excited, we took all our stuff to our rooms then the eating began. haha we went to eat lunch then just explored the boat! then we relaxed and unpacked and got ready for dinner and all the New Years festivities!! This was by far the best new years i have ever had!!We woke up the next morning and we were in mexico!! we got to get off the boat and go explore, we went to go see the blowhole and we went shopping!! after we got back on the boat, we go ready for dinner (formal night) and then we went to 2 comedy shows, SO GOOD, and FUNNY!! sunday we woke up and were in the middle of the ocean, SO COOL!! it was cold and sprinkling so we decided to get in the hot tub on the very back of the boat, it was neat to be in the middle of the ocean, and have nothing to worry about! then dinner and more comedy!! haha! then monday woke up and had to get off the boat and go home! :( so sad!!
I had such a good time and i loved getting to spend more time with Steve!! i can't wait for you all to meet him and get to know him like i do!! Also i plan on moving back to Utah at the end of the month! i can't keep doing this distance thing with him, saying goodbye monday was the last straw, it was just WAY to hard!! and i guess we'll never know what will happen with us if we don't get back together (in the same area) soon! i'll keep you all posted and updated on my life!! Love you all!!
(sorry this was all over the place!) haha!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hello Family!!

Sorry I've been such a bum at Blogging! More Updates from my crazy life!! I'm still here in California living with Mom and Dad :( haha jk I love being home but I do miss being in Utah, being independent and my friends a lot! Life here as been good, I have a Job at In N Out and I love it!! I'm also helping Ryan coach a U12 and U14 coed soccer team, it's been so fun but it makes me miss playing a lot!! I'm still doing hair just out of the backyard salon we have haha!
Well Guys one thing that's coming up in my life that I'm so excited for is that one of my best friends gets home in TWO WEEKS!! Yep Thomas get's HOME from his mission in 14 days!! Here are just a few pics from high school that i love and wanted to share!!
Love you all!!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I (Celeste) was cleaning out my email and I found these recipes I had asked Chloe and Kaidee for 2 years ago. April 2008. They are cute.
Bon Apetite

Recipes By Kaidee and Chloe

There is a thing at the store that says brownies and you put chocolate chips in it.

Rice Gravy
You put rice in it. Then you put chicken in it. Then you put it in the stove for 2 minutes.

There are these peaches and sugar in it. Then you put it in a bowl and then you cut it up really small. And we could have brownies with peaches on top

Sugar Toast
You put sugar in it then you put toast. Then you put some sugar on it. It’s a good good thing.

Iya’s Soup
You put squirrly noodles in it. Then tomato juice cook 10 minutes.

Hot Hot Soup
First you put Brown potatoes then you put carrots. Then you put red sauce stuff in a can in a big gray pan and cook it for 20 minutes

You buy it at Staters, where the steak is. You’ll find it in the back. You buy it then you put the black and white salt thingy on it and put it in the barbecue for like 13 minutes at 15 hot.

Sugar Apples
Put some cereal, sugar 3 eggs and then 2 cups of milk then put some 5 cups of brown sugar 1 cup of water. Then you put some good stuff. 2 apples! Then put it in the oven for 3 minutes

The Chloe
You put olive oil in the pan. Put bread. Flip it over and there is syrup on the table and butter and peanut butter and that’s all it is!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm in "like" I'm in "like" and I don't care who knows it!!